T-Tapp Secret Weapon

T-Tapp Secret Weapon
by Charlotte Siems
In the children’s animated movie An American Tail, mice who immigrated from the old country have joined forces to oppose the evil cats.  They spend nights working in an old warehouse, constructing a giant fake monster, “The Mouse of Minsk” based on their legends.  When the alarm rings and it’s time to reveal their creation and go into battle, the mouse leader shouts, “Wewease the secwet weapon!”  And of course the monster scares the cats away amidst fireworks and loud roars, the cats ship off to Singapore and are never seen again, and the mice live happily ever after.
I think of this phrase “Wewease the secwet weapon” whenever it’s time to talk about secrets to stay on track with your workouts.  When I take an informal survey at live events I am amazed at how few people are taking advantage of an important tool for success:  The T-Tapp forums.  This not-so-secret weapon is a great perk for every T-Tapper to take advantage of and here’s why and how:
  • The free and fabulous T-Tapp forums were incredibly important to me during my inch loss journey.  I had never been a “forum type” and at first I just read and lurked.  But when I actually started doing the workout, I began to post regularly. 
  • Talk to T-Tapp trainers and experienced T-Tappers on the forum 24/7.
  • Ask questions about your schedule, your body type and your form.
  • Get some much-needed encouragement when your inch loss stalls or you don’t get the results you hoped for.
  • Report your new-found muscles and health benefits.
  • Rejoice with everyone when you lose a size and get some cheers!
  • Get a feel for the international nature of the T-Tapp family.
  • If you’re running low on motivation some days, get on the forum before your workout to get some inspiration.  Just be sure you eventually stop reading and DO the workout!
  • Join an accountability group on the forum or start your own.
  • Meet great people online and when you see them in person at a T-Tapp event you’ll already be friends.
  • Unearth information treasures about specific moves or T-Tapp principles by using the search function.
  • After you reach your final goal, you’ll have a built-in record of your journey from your forum posts over time.
  • The go-to source for the latest and best on everything from supplements to fashion is the Off-Topic Forum.  T-Tappers have inquiring minds and want to know!
  • Always friendly and helpful, the forums are a T-Tapper’s best friend.
During the year and a half it took me to lose over 100 pounds and more than twice my height in inches, I was on the T-Tapp forum almost daily (and sometimes several times a day).  I would pop in, read and post for just a few minutes, and check back in later.  It didn’t take hours of my time, but it definitely encouraged, motivated and educated me to keep going.    I felt like part of a team (and family), and it was so wonderful to get a “virtual pats on the back” when I made progress.  Eventually I was able to post tips to help others as well, so I was able to give back to the community that had given so much to me.
You have a T-Tapp “secwet weapon” right at your fingertips—the T-Tapp forum!
Charlotte Siems spent over 25 years avoiding the mirror while managing a busy household and homeschooling her 12 children.  Gaining more weight as the years passed, she ended up exhausted, stressed and 110+ pounds overweight.  After finding the T-Tapp workout system, she went from a tired size 22W to an energetic size 6, which she has maintained for years.  With a heart to help women struggling to regain their figures and their energy, she became a certified fitness trainer.  She was personally certified by Teresa Tapp as a T-Tapp Trainer.



  1. Gr8fulmom says:

    Using your services during the first four months of my T-Tapp journey made a *huge* difference in my consistency. Knowing that you were “checking in” with me motivated me. If I hadn’t done this, I’m certain that T-Tapp would have become like so many other things in life–a good intention that I never followed through with.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree, Charlotte! I truly believe the forums helped me stick with T-Tapp, to understand what is going on even when inch loss slows, and to hang in there!

    Not to mention all the *wonderful* people you meet–sometimes even IRL!!!



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