T-Tapp and Thoughts: Before, During and After

T-Tapp and Thoughts: Before, During and After

by Charlotte Siems

What are your thoughts before, during and after your T-Tapp workouts? Have you ever “thought” about it? It’s a fact that our thoughts can set us up to succeed….or fail.

We can talk ourselves into beginning T-Tapp or talk ourselves out of doing a workout, all without saying a word. Out loud, anyway. There are plenty of words pouring forth inside our heads.

Here are some thoughts on….well, thoughts:

Thoughts Before T-Tapp

See if any of these common thoughts sound familiar: I’m too busy to exercise. This probably won’t work. I don’t like to exercise.

With these kinds of thoughts, you’re setting up an association of pain with T-Tapp, probably without even realizing it. And why would you WANT to do something that you believe is painful? Replace those thoughts with: I will find a way to exercise today and have fun with it. This is going to do amazing things for me! I like to exercise.

Thoughts During T-Tapp

Do you catch yourself thinking any of these? This is soooo hard. I don’t like to sweat. I can’t do this. I’ll never get the form. I am so uncoordinated. I’m done, I can’t do anymore. I can’t wait till this is over. I hate this move.

Thinking these thoughts while you’re exercising is preventing you from progressing and finishing. Telling yourself you can’t will make sure you can’t. Whenever these thoughts of self-pity and self-criticism pop up during your workout, you’re probably in the midst of trying to keep track of your form. Try this simple phrase, said out loud and enthusiastically, if at all possible: I FEEL GREAT! Smile while you say it. You’ll be surprised at the effect of these words and will probably physically feel a difference!

Thoughts After T-Tapp

Do any of these thoughts run through your mind? I’m exhausted! I am sooo sore. I’m glad that’s over. It probably didn’t work. I have so far to go.

The mind/body connection is a strange and powerful thing. Your thoughts actually physically affect the cells in your body. How about focusing your thoughts on things like “Tonight I’ll reward myself with a nice salt bath” or “I am SO proud of myself—yayyy me!”

In case you’re wondering how I could come up with this list of thoughts, it wasn’t hard. That’s because I have thought them all! I caught myself thinking some of them this very day!

But I also knew what to do when those thoughts came up. Instead of letting them create pain and discouragement, I replaced them with thoughts that set up encouragement and progress in my mind. Circumstances didn’t change, just my thoughts….and attitude.

So now you know which thoughts to think: before, during and after T-Tapp!

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  1. So true Charlotte, so very true. And so very powerful in our lives to be used for good or evil.
    As a man thinks in his heart, so IS he. Proverbs 23:7

    The Lord used this same principal in my life during the grieving process of the loss of one of our 21 year old twins 10 years ago. It included more of ‘telling myself the Whole Truth’. As I told myself one afternoon that following year, Yes, my son was dead- was killed in an accident, I would never see him again here on the earth…After having been sheltered in a grace these thoughts began to overwhelm me with a thick, dark heavy sorrow and depression . Then that still small voice spoke ever so quietly to me, “You’ve told yourself the truth, now tell yourself the Whole Truth.”…well, the whole truth? ok…”Tim is in heaven-he’s in the very presence of the Lord-he’s safe and happier than I can even imagine-he’s filled with incomprehensible joy seeing and experiencing amazing things-he’s with my mother and other loved ones- he is joyfully anticipating my arrival…well, can I say ALL that dark heavy depression began lifting off of me, allowing again for that peaceful grace to cover and settle over my heart and life once again. So, whether in daily small issues and decisions of our lives, or the huge tsunamis that do come, the ability to choose what we will think on, the good and lovely, will make all the difference. Thanks for letting me share here Charlotte. You are a blessing dear one.

  2. Wow did this hit home, Charlotte. We are what we say. I have those exact same thought and have to work to overcome them. I find saying out loud what I “really” want to be thinking helps me correct what’s in my head especially when it is the opposite.

    Thanks so much for pointing this out!!

    Theresa 😎

  3. I managed to squeeze in a hoe-down in between laundry loads this morning. While I didn’t negotiate world peace, or lose 50 lbs, I have been pushing myself to be excited that today I have already made a good choice!

  4. Scary! I didn’t know that you had been reading my mind!!! I think I’ve fallen into a rut of talking myself out of exercising for quite awhile now. I must find a way to dig myself out of this hole . . .

  5. Charlotte says:

    {{{Hugs}}} Carolyn–principles truly learned in the deep valley. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Great encouragement! I was just telling my hubby how grateful I am for finding your site so early on in my t-tapping journey. I am a more-to-lose girl and all your tips and the knowledge that you were in my shoes (or should I say size) and made it through to the happy, healthy other side really makes me think “I can do this. I’m only 4 months in and Charlotte made it 75 months. If she could do it with her 12 homeschooling kiddos, I’m sure I can with my 2 :)!”. Thanks for being the inspiration for my positive thinking!

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