T-Tapp Travel Diary: Weekend at the Convention

T-Tapp Travel Diary:  Weekend at the Convention
by Charlotte Siems

When you’ve found something that works, don’t you just love sharing it with others?  That’s just what we did at the Texas Home School Coalition convention in The Woodlands, Texas, last weekend!  

The trip began with a nine-hour drive, starting at 3:30 a.m.  Since I never went to bed the night before, that eliminated the need to wake up early!  Two of our sons, Caleb and Jonathan, helped load the car in the night with all the supplies to set up a booth in the exhibit hall.

We arrived at the facility and set up the booth:
Then we made a quick trip to check into the motel and found that they had booked the three of us into a room with one king-sized bed.  Uh, no.  Since the reservation was made online there was no changing it, but the motel graciously gave us a room that also had a pull-out couch bed so it ended up just fine.

Thus began two days of crazy good fun!  On Friday afternoon I spoke on the topic “You Don’t Have to Choose Between Homeschooling and Clean Underwear:  Managing Your Life So It Doesn’t Manage You” to a packed room of 300+ parents.  There were people sitting on the floor in the aisles and they turned away people at the doors, so I think that organization is a hot topic!

On Saturday morning my session was “If Life is a Bank, Then I’m Overdrawn,” about stress and overwhelm.  Once again the room was full and I was very honored to share with these Moms and Dads about ways to handle their busy lives.

So what was the T-Tapp part?  In my talks I mentioned my story of going from size 22W to 6, and it turned out that many had never heard of T-Tapp.  Our booth was a busy place, as we answered questions and made workout DVDs available.

As the weekend wore on, Caleb and Jonathan began to answer questions while I was busy with other booth visitors, and it was actually pretty funny to hear them share what T-Tapp had done for their Mom.  Those guys were a great help and I was so proud of them for politely greeting our guests and handling transactions with patience and a smile!  

As always, the best part was meeting new people and sharing about T-Tapp to give hope to busy moms.  I made some great new friends (shown here with fun sisters, Dee and Dometris):
It was nice to spend time with my sons, and we took advantage of the opportunity to eat at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos. Twice.
The boys and I agreed that the weekend went faster and was way “funner” than we had anticipated.  When the conference ended we packed up and headed to Galveston Island to meet the rest of the family for some time at the beach.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into our T-Tapp Travel!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Are your workshops from the convention available on audio?

  2. Charlotte says:

    I'm pretty sure they will be but I couldn't find a link.  I'll post a link when it becomes available (and put it in my newsletter–if you're not signed up, just check the box when you leave a comment!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Super – Thank you! 

  4. Glad you're enjoying your vacation with most of the family. As usual, I was very touched with your success in the Texas Homeschool Coalition Convention. And finally, you look radiant with your new friends.

  5. Hello Charlotte,
    Thank you for sharing.  Your story is inspiring for me as a rather new T-Tapper, an admirer of large families & homeschooling, and a current family vacationer.  Just want to share that I have been T-Tapping for around a month or so, and being a very short torso, I am trying to be patient with myself and loosing the inches, but already feel my digestion improving and my spine straightening. 
    My family (our 3 grown son, my husband and I) are currently on vacation in Japan, visiting my husband's family, where the T-Tapp dvd  devotedly will be popped into my husband's laptop every other day (today will be my 2nd time).  I am confident, even though we are fairly early into our trip that the T-Tapping will be my "chiro" on this trip, helping to offset the long hours on the planes and trains that it took to get here.  Already I am noticing a big difference in how my digestive system adjusted to the change, where in years past, I was usually rather miserable in that area for a few days!
    It is so true that the children grow up so fast!  Because of my husband's work (where he earns many miles on a mileage program), it has been a tremendous gift that we have been able to travel here to visit his family every summer for the last 17 years.  It is such a blessing that the boys had the opportunity to learn first hand about the culture, and bond with the family.  We have a lot of wonderful memories we treasure of trips past when the boys were younger, and they still love to tell the stories over and over again.  Now that they are older, they are taking adventures from here on their own with friends, and it is a little quieter than years past for my husband and I.  We still treasure every minute we have with them!
    Anyway, I just want to thank you for your courage, encouragement and inspiration, Charlotte.
    From a new Tapper and fan…

  6. Charlotte:
    Sort of a newbie at ttapp. I had the book for awhile and only recently pulled it out and started doing the workout. I decided that I needed the cds, so now I’m really going at it.
    Thanks for all that you do and for all of your sharing.

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