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Do you ever run into a good friend at the grocery store and stand in the aisle, catching up on what’s been happening in their life? Let’s pretend that we’re blocking the aisle with our carts, and I’m giving you a quick run-down of What I Did This Week:

Bought a new planner. Yes, I know it’s May. I decided to get a smaller size, and the jury is still out on how it will work for me. When I’ve used it for a few weeks, I’ll write a review. Having used the larger size of this planner for three years, this new one looks really cute!

Did the next thing. With lots of activities and upcoming events, I had to keep my eyes on the next thing. When I felt stress rising and was tempted to freak out, I reminded myself “God has not given me a spirit of fear. He has given me a spirit of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” End of freak out.

Mailed college graduation invitations. *sniff* Benjamin used to walk around the yard with a chicken under each arm. I can’t believe he’s graduating and getting married and becoming a fifth grade teacher.

Had an awesome Plexus event. We rented a room at the local community center. The format was to share basic information about the products, and then turn it over to testimonies, my favorite part. There were some amazing stories about weight loss, lower blood sugar for a diabetic, anxiety and depression lifting, having more energy, and breaking an addiction to pop. I had tears in my eyes several times, and it reminded me why I love this part of my life.

Planned a last-minute family vacation to the beach at Galveston, immediately following Ben’s college graduation. We’ll be staying at our favorite little ol’ motel, Gaido’s Seaside Inn (it’s funny that when I wrote about another vacation there, several of you contacted me about the motel and ended up staying there with your families, too!).

Attended our son’s Night of Jazz at Southern Nazarene University. Before the concert, I told someone “Don’t tell Caleb, but I don’t really like jazz.” I changed my mind by the first song, and joined the crowd in a final standing ovation for the incredibly talented musicians and singers.

Attended annual church meetings as a delegate. Our annual District Assembly is held at a church that is very special to me since many major family life events have taken place there: my husband’s ordination, many family weddings—and funerals, musicals, concerts and more. I attended church there as a college student, and the spectacular stained glass windows still inspire awe.

This little list doesn’t include shopping for groceries, cooking meals, reading aloud, doing laundry, going to the doctor’s office, attending a funeral, answering emails and all ten thousand other things that all of us do every week in the course of life.

While we’re standing in the aisle, it’s your turn. Did you do anything unusual this week?


  1. First. I’ve put your quote on a sticky: God has not given me a spirit of fear. He has given me a spirit of power, and of love and of a sound mind.”

    I’ve got 3 weeks before a 2 week vacation to Alaska (which ends in Charleston, SC at my son’s Nuclear Power School graduation). The day job, the new business, and the running business all have my attention. Never mind packing for two weeks and two climates. And all those other things you listed!

    Your posting was timely. And inspiring. I now look at the rest of today as easy to get through. Thank you! And have fun with all that great stuff going on!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Diane, sounds like you’ve got it goin’ on! You know it’s all going to get done–and we may as well live calmly in the meantime! 🙂 I’m so glad that you’re inspired and encouraged!

  2. This week I have been preparing for our first Lyme Disease support group meeting! After some seriously God-ordained networking that I wasn’t even trying to make happen we have a space, I have a partner in making it happen, and a wonderful guest speaker. Some of my other goals have been put on hold, but God knows what is important to accomplish first. When He opens a door, he really opens it wide! Plus I got a bit of (again, unexpected) time talking with a personal trainer with connections to event space. I am hoping it turns into a small, free, informal T-Tapp get together where I can test my public speaking and public hoe-down abilities (: Great to hear from you in the “grocery store!”

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Wow, very cool to see how all of that is falling into place, Holly! I love to see how God is working to make those connections!

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