And Now a Word From Our Sponsor: T-Tapp TappCore

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor:  T-Tapp TappCore
by Charlotte Siems 
Today’s article is brought to you by TappCore:  T-Tapp’s little DVD of nine exercises, each just a few minutes, that can be combined however you like. 
Although these workout moves were originally designed for children in public or home school, any middle-aged T-Tapper will tell you that they make a powerful core-building workout.  Just a few days ago a group of ladies I know went through the TappCore Instructional moves.  Let me tell you, there was plenty of sweat and bobbling!
Like other T-Tapp Instructionals, you can apply the teaching and tweaks to all of your other workouts.  The explanations are a little different and that might help you have a light bulb moment in understanding form.  Please don’t skip the Instructionals!
TappCore is a great DVD to pull out when you don’t feel up to a full workout.  Tell yourself you’ll do three moves.  See if you don’t end up doing more because they are non-overwhelming.  Mentally it seems easier to do one move, take a water break, and choose another one. 
This is a good one for coming back from sickness or on days when you’re tired, not to mention doing one or two moves when you feel sluggish in the afternoon. 
At times when I’ve felt a little mentally burned out or extra stressed, TappCore comes to the rescue.
Probably the most challenging move is TappCore Balance.  This single move will strengthen your core and improve your balance.  I dare you to do it without sweating!
Don’t take my word for it, listen to what Teresa Tapp says about TappCore:
TappCore exercises are designed to help the body develop left brain/right brain coordination, lower blood sugar when necessary, utilize stored energy and provide mental clarity for better retention. They also provide cardiac conditioning for healthy heart function, develop muscles with strength and flexibility, as well as core balance.
I don’t know about you, but the part about mental clarity sounds especially appealing these days!
Here’s a sample order for some of the TappCore moves:
Tricep Curls
Chest Press
Throw in Hoe Downs or Walking at the end and you’ve got yourself a nice little workout.
To help you plan a workout or figure out when to squeeze in a move during your busy day, here is a free handy dandy time chart for the TappCore moves:
Like a commercial break during a TV show, TappCore offers you something new in a short snippet.  You’ll love the fresh teaching and the whole family will enjoy seeing the TappCore mascot, Buddy.  Try it today!
Have you tried TappCore?
If you have, leave a comment below.
<——If you haven’t, click on the image to check it out.


  1. Hi Charlotte,
    No, I have not tried TappCore but just started on the Workout 2.  The 1st day was wow, I’ll never get this but the 2nd day I actually felt I would be able to do it.  I love T-Tapping!  I’ve lost 14+/- lbs and at least 9 inches and am easily down 1 size.  Only have another size to drop – it’s exciting!

    1. CharlotteSue says:

      Wow, that’s fabulous!!  Keep up the good work!

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